Resurfacing Services

Resurfacing for Asphalt & Concrete in Cleveland, OH

Resurfacing is an affordable alternative to new pavement. As long as a strong foundation and proper site preparation exists, we can provide a pavement resurfacing that will last for many years. If over the years your parking lot or pavement has developed crack, holes and ditches then our asphalt resurfacing services may be right for you.  This type of parking lot repair is a great way to seal your lot and leave your asphalt looking as good as new.  Asphalt resurfacing can be performed quickly, and allows your Cleveland, OH based business to stay up and running.  Renew your asphalt with our expert resurfacing services.

Paving Contractor Cleveland, OH

Empire Paving will prepare your pavement surface by carefully cleaning the area and applying a bind agent. In most cases, we will pave a leveling course to eliminate any holes or depressions.

If you're looking to get great looking pavement and save money in the process, then resurfacing with Empire Paving is the company for you. Proudly serving Cleveland, OH and the surrounding areas!

We may also use a geotextile paving fabric.

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