For residential, commercial and industrial asphalt paving projects in Cleveland, Empire Paving has the experience and equipment to complete your project above your expectations. We provide top quality turnkey asphalt paving solutions with a professional work force and excellent rates. Our innovative approach to asphalt paving will enhance the durability and beauty of your surface in the greater Cleveland area.

Trust Empire Paving to Make Sure Your Parking Lots and Roads are Paved Properly!
As a property owner, manager, government agent or business entity, you know the value, appeal, and safety features a well-paved parking lot can bring to your property. To ensure this lasting value, it’s important to choose the right paving company. Pavement, especially asphalt, if not designed and constructed properly will not last as you need or expect it to. Because the quality of a paving project is not easily observed, inferior craftsmanship and materials will not show up until years later. That’s where Empire Paving comes in – we offer the peace-of-mind and quality of construction that ensures you the lasting value and investment satisfaction you deserve from your asphalt paving project.

When Are Asphalt Paving Services Necessary?

Asphalt paving is an option when the asphalt deterioration is beyond repair or when creating a new asphalt area. At Empire Paving, we work to make sure that you will get the most longevity out of our paving services; whether your driveway needs to be repaved, or you’re a government agent looking for roads in your area to be re-paved.

When repairing, we begin by cleaning and removing debris from the area before applying a tack coat. Hot asphalt is a mixture of sand and gravel blended with asphalt cement that is spread and compacted to a smooth recyclable road surface.

An “asphalt overlay” is the paving of a second layer of asphalt over existing asphalt. An asphalt overlay can be done when the existing asphalt is in overall good condition but may have some problem areas. Asphalt is a composite material that is commonly used for parking lots, driveways, and roads.

Asphalt is used as a binder, and is mixed with mineral aggregate, then is carefully laid down in layers, compacted, then cured, so it can last on your Cleveland, OH property for many, many years.

Commercial Paving

With a wide range of surface construction services, we can handle both small and large projects. Empire Paving combines our superior equipment with outstanding customer service. If you need seal coating, repair work, resurfacing or new construction for a road or parking lot, we’ll provide versatility and durability at an affordable price.

Industrial Paving

All industrial asphalt paving projects require high-strength solutions. If you have a challenging application with the need for extra strength, Empire Paving has the solution for you. We have completed countless projects for the industrial sector in the Cleveland area. Give us a call today!

We also provide asphalt repair & patch work!

Asphalt Patching

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Asphalt patching is a quick solution for potholes, depressions and other defective areas in your pavement. While patching is not always a permanent solution, it can be an effective and affordable solution if the underlying base of your asphalt pavement is in good condition.

We’ll remove any debris from the defective areas, apply a tack coat for adhesion between surfaces, and fill the defective area with surface asphalt. We then roll the pavement for proper compaction and seal the edges to prevent water.